This Mountain


“With the content being so personal, this made me somewhat uncomfortable, but this is the job of a filmmaker: we manipulate time, light, sound and sequence to make it what we want. I walk away from this project with a better understanding of my roles in life, as a husband, father, friend, pilgrim, adventurer, artist and filmmaker. Also, time is fleeting.”

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Joel Bear

Joel Bear | Fellow Magazine

With a style of blending intimate human narrative and high design, Joel is an ever-determined pursuer of creativity, passion, and craft. His emphasis is on editorial work, documenting people and the stories that surround their lives, capturing the struggle and triumph.

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Artisan Obscura

Artisan Obscura | Fellow Magazine

Artisan Obscura produces beautifully designed, custom metal/wood buttons and hot-shoe mounts for cameras. The company was formed when photographers Steven Stanton and Preston Utley drove back from shooting a wedding together, immersing themselves in a serious conversation about photography.

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Arrowroot Clothing

Arrowroot Clothing with Fellow Magazine

Arrowroot is a young clothing company with big dreams that don't stop at creating aesthetically pleasing garments. The shop took form when Arrowroot founder, E.A. Lepine went on a trip to Honduras where she fell in love with the local culture and the women she worked with while she was there. 

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