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We know that behind every product, piece of art, or start-up business is a story of adventure, industriousness, and passion that brought it to life. We also believe the freedom to pursue our passions is discovered in moments where we simply do things we enjoy doing, things that strike a special chord in our unique, individual souls. 

We're excited to feature a film series highlighting subjects that have created a livelihood centered on what they are passionate about. May they inspire you to discover what sets you free! 

Artisan Obscura produces beautifully designed, custom metal/wood buttons and hot-shoe mounts for cameras. 

The company was formed when photographers Steve Stanton and Preston Utley drove back from shooting a wedding together, immersing themselves in a serious conversation about photography. As they talked, they uncovered a question that laid the foundation for their business: "Would being able to personalize ones camera help invigorate a passion within a photographer to take more pictures, and better yet, fall in love with the act of picture making?" 

They wanted a way to customize the shutter speed buttons on their camera, but the only companies that did it at the time were located overseas and didn’t have the care and attention to detail they wanted. So, they started making their own wood buttons. Pretty soon, the movement caught on: 

"Our goal is to create products that serve both form and function. Products with purpose, that either protect vital electrical components and heighten your shutter action. Products whose form oozes passion and that will make you fall ever deeper in love with your camera. By blending premium materials with timeless craftsmanship and finishing, we are able to merge all the function you need with unparalleled style and class."

KJ Creative

Kyle Johnston moved to Denver at the end of 2014 with the dream of starting his own video production company. After growing up as a kid with a video camera attached to his hip, shooting silly videos with friends, he’s moved from intern (2006) to lead cinematographer (2012) to lead director (2013). After directing a team of 6 in Sacramento, Kyle decided it was time for a change. He and his wife packed up, moved to the Colorado Rockies, and has since been shooting what he is most passionate about; commercial, non-profit and mini-documentary films with a focus on human narrative and perspective.