We know that behind every product, piece of art, or start-up business is a story of adventure, industriousness, and passion that brought it to life. We also believe the freedom to pursue our passions is discovered in moments where we simply do things we enjoy doing, things that strike a special chord in our unique, individual souls. 

We're excited to kick off a film series featuring subjects that have created a livelihood centered on what they are passionate about. Our friends at KJ Creative have captured these stories brilliantly. May they inspire you to discover what sets you free! 

Arrowroot Clothing

is a young clothing company with big dreams that don't stop at creating aesthetically pleasing garments. 
The shop took form when Arrowroot founder, E.A. Lepine went on a trip to Honduras where she fell in love with the local culture and the women she worked with while she was there. 

Arrowroot provides jobs for these women and maintains a vision of ethical production; ensuring the workers receive a fair wage and are guaranteed safe jobs. 

 E.A. designs everyday dresses for women who want to wear the same thing casually at home as they would going out with friends. "Getting dressed up is fun, but we believe life is a special occasion and we’ve made it possible to dress accordingly."  

About KJ Creative: Kyle Johnston moved to Denver at the end of 2014 with the dream of starting his own video production company. After growing up as a kid with a video camera attached to his hip, shooting silly videos with friends, he’s moved from intern (2006) to lead cinematographer (2012) to lead director (2013). After directing a team of 6 in Sacramento, Kyle decided it was time for a change. He and his wife packed up, moved to the Colorado Rockies, and has since been shooting what he is most passionate about; commercial, non-profit and mini-documentary films with a focus on human narrative and perspective.