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Preserving the Dinner Table

My father used to say, “The best time in your life is when your children have their feet under your dinner table.” I thought it was funny then, back in the day when I wore plain Mennonite dresses and a traditional white cap to cover errant curls. Eating meals together as a family was as common as breathing.

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Lauren DeFilippo: Show Up and Be Attentive

Whether you’re a maker or simply someone with an appreciation for good work and words, we come to this space to share in the things that exist to bring us together: food, art, nature, and fellowship. It is our namesake, and because of it, we have had the privilege of meeting some wonderful people. Lauren DeFilippo is one such person, and she’s doing so much more than just sharing her photography talents with our magazine and its readers.

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Molasses Caramel Biscuits

Molasses Caramel Bisciuts - Fellow Mag

Just as shadows are nothing without light to contrast against, the foods prepared here meld saltiness with sweet molasses, a soft creaminess to floury flakiness and piquant spices with creamy savory cheeses, served alongside a dark chocolate Stout. 

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