Words and Images by Marina Denisova

 What a wonderful little tool, Instagram, and the way it can create a community that may not have otherwise existed. Today, travel and lifestyle photographer, Marina Denisova, shares beautiful images from her weekend stay at the Valdirose Bed + Breakfast in Florence, the owners of which she knows through Instagram.

I knew Irene and Paolo from Instagram, but have never actually met them—and we live in the same city! I've seen so many beautiful pictures and have heard so many kind words about the Valdirose family, that I decided I couldn't not visit them.

It was such a warm and sunny day when I went over, their home was filled with light and flowers. Irene kindly offered me coffee and the most delicious pumpkin pie. We chatted for hours and I actually forgot why I was even there for a bit!

After breakfast, Irene showed me around the place. I can't even find the right words to describe it—warm, welcoming, secure. Full of memories, laughs, and love. Irene has turned her childhood home into the most welcoming space for travelers, guests, and friends. I'm so grateful to her and her family for opening their doors to me and for spending a wonderful day together.



Marina Denisova is an interior, travel & lifestyle photographer based in Florence, Italy.

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