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Lauren DeFilippo: Show Up and Be Attentive

Whether you’re a maker or simply someone with an appreciation for good work and words, we come to this space to share in the things that exist to bring us together: food, art, nature, and fellowship. It is our namesake, and because of it, we have had the privilege of meeting some wonderful people. Lauren DeFilippo is one such person, and she’s doing so much more than just sharing her photography talents with our magazine and its readers.

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Peach St. Distillers

 In the quiet Colorado mountain town of Palisade lies a not so quiet distillery and bar. 
Enthralled, enchanted, we spent the weekend exploring the magic of Colorado’s Western Slope.

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Silent Season

Zapata Ranch is more than grazing grounds to cattle and bison. It’s a Nature Conservancy preserve managed by Ranchlands—a protector of western ranching tradition—and a place to witness a way of life that can often seem lost to us...

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