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Shop Small: Spinster Sisters

"We are very lucky to live in a community that is so focused on local makers. I can tell you, pretty confidently, there are not a lot of places like that. It’s really nice to have that support. I can’t tell you how many times, in Golden, we hear, “How nice to have a local company.” And that’s kind of our home playing field. Small business in Colorado is a unique environment. And the maker community around here is incredible." 

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The Lofoten Islands

For our entire stay, I was reminded of the beauty of nature, the warmth and kindness of people, and how, when you step outside of yourself for a bit, the discoveries you make are the kind that remain with you for a lifetime.

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Arriving in Colorado

My entrance into Colorado was just the beginning of what this place has become to me: A culture that lends itself to time for slow conversation and to sit in silence as the sun goes to sleep behind the hills. Familiarity has been earned with the passing of seasons: but the community and landscape of Colorado provided an almost instantaneous sense of belonging.


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