Images by Jonathan Levitt


Among the islands and coastal mountains of Penobscot Bay in Maine, Jonathan Levitt uncovers a mythological ecology of place— a map of the uncanny.

Informed by Paleolithic animism, western natural history, and shadow archaeology, Levitt reveals the alter-world of Mawooshen through 98 photographs of geography, plant and animal life, people, and built objects. The images are unstaged, analog, and accompanied by fragments of description.


The photographs are arranged according to the seasons in which they were taken and span three cycles. The effect is cumulative and modal-like a chant. By telling the story of Mawooshen cyclically and ending with the ellipsis of a third spring, Levitt’s cosmology pushes against the linear, eschatological myth of western culture. 

Snail Press has recently released Mawooshen, just in time for the gift-giving season. In 220 stunning four-color pages, with a beautiful linen hardcover, it is the perfect way to bring travel and nature right into the home. Based in Los Angeles, Snail Press is an independent publisher, dedicated to creating high-end books of quality literature, poetry, fine art, and photography, for both established and emerging artists.


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