Image by Shaun Boyte

Earlier this year, we announced that we would be returning to print in the fall. We have spent the last several months in touch with partners and printers, brainstorming up what a new volume of Fellow would look like. 

What stands out more than anything is the community Fellow brings together. But as “community” transforms into the latest buzz word, there’s something about its essence that is lost. What does it mean to have community? To be in community? To be a force that builds community? What did that word used to mean? Very simply, we realized, it is to be neighborly.

It is The Art of Being Neighborly.

This is at the heart of Fellow: to find the intersections between art and friends, and to share the important stories that hold up those juxtapositions. And so, when we return to print in the fall, we will return to this truth and we will share it with story.

These stories will focus on the educational over the inspirational. We want approachable philosophy, the tough and dirty root of something rather than the fluffy and the flowery. This might include expert opinions on community development; the science behind community and storytelling; small business features that celebrate hard working shop owners who have been at it for decades, who are integrated into their neighborhoods. We want thoughtful, researched prose on what is simultaneously creative and down-to-earth. We want the faces and the motivations attached to those who are truly good neighbors.

We are happy to publish our call for print submission. Consider our new direction your direction for story pitches. We will first review written content only, and then organize visual content to compliment the final collection of stories for this issue. Please send a formal pitch to, including your idea, why you are the right person for the piece, and a previously published writing sample.

Thank you for being a part of our community and for helping us to tell the story behind The Art of Being Neighborly.

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